Rosie O’Donnell’s Wife Claims Wine And Weed Habit Make Her A Dangerous Parent !

Rosie O’Donnell’s estranged wife is slamming her for being an unfit parent. Michelle Rounds claims that O’Donnell’s wine and weed habit and her lack of discipline with their children make her a dangerous parent and she wants custody.

Drunk Driver Caught With What In Her Pockets?! Plus She’s A Mother Of Three!

You can’t be serious right now. Police found three Jell-O shots in a drunk driver named Cathy Sanchez’ pockets after pulling her over for driving erratically in Minnesota last Saturday (June 1st). It gets worse, Sanchez is a mother of three and has also had three other DWI convictions plus a concealed weapons conviction. That’s not the last of it, find out more after the jump!

(Video) Florida Woman Arrested After Fighting A Pre-Teen For Bullying Daughter?!

Talk about bad parenting! A Florida woman fought a preteen for bullying her 12 year old daughter! SMH. A confrontation between Irisdaly Rios and Ashley Perez, Rios’ daughter’s classmate, escalated into a fight at Hialeah Middle School parking lot. Perez was allegedly bullying Rios’ daughter. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

(Video) SMH: Long Island Couple Leaves 4 Children Alone For Days With Barely Any Food Or Heat!

A Long Island couple left their children unattended for days, while they tried to work on their marriage at a hotel. Maria and Tulio Ayala were arrested and charged with 4 counts of child endangerment. The couple left their children alone in their home for 6 days, with no food in the house. The children were forced to warm the home with a small heater and by leaving the kitchen’s oven on, to face this week’s freezing temperatures. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

(Video) Bad Parenting! Little Boy Shows Off His ‘Grinding Skills’

Although funny, this is just not clean :-/

(18+*Video) BAD Parenting! Little Girl Repeats ‘Choice Words’ She Heard From Her Parents

For shame for Shame! And that babysitter should def be fired for encouraging this!!

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