Which Celebrity Had A $900K Debt!??!!!?

According to TMZ Mary J, Blige erased her $900k debt to State taxes!!!! Since last february, Mary J was suppose to pay court $900k but new documents say her debt is squared off. Seems like a good deal except she still owes the IRS $3.4 million in back taxes. Maybe it’s time for a new album MJ?

Uh-Oh Trouble In RackCity? Which YMCMB Member Is In Hot Water With Uncle Sam?

Say it ain’t so! Mr. Rack City himself is in a bit of hot water with the IRS. The Last King rapper, Tyga of YMCMB , who recently opened a clothing boutique in Melrose, owes a reported….

Boxing: Lol, Really – That’s It?! Mike Tyson Has Advice For Antonio Tarver

Iron Mike knows what he’s talking about (usually)!  He’s been through it all (even though this may not be the best advice – lol).  Mike Tyson has some advice for Antonio Tarver who was arrested this weekend for allegedly not paying back a $200k gambling debt in 2012.  Check out what Tyson had to say…

Breaking News: Detroit Is Cleared To File For $18BiL [Debt] Bankruptcy!

Four months after Detroit tried to obtain a Chapter 9 protection with the largest public filing in U.S. history, a judge decides to give the city a chance to get rid of $18 billion in debt. The hometown of artists such as Big Sean and Eminem, has to present a plan to Judge Steven Rhodes, which will show how they plan to rid themselves of the rigorous amount of owed funds. For now, I’m guessing they are just happy to have the decision in their favor.

(Video) Obama Responds To Congress Budget Deadlines & Puts Republicans On Blast!!!

President Obama spoke during a conference in front of hundreds of ford auto workers as he responded to the budget deadlines, possibility of a government shut down and more by saying that instead of coming up with a solution to our nation’s problems, Republicans would rather “Mess with Me” than find a resolution, Hit the jump for the full video!

Young Buck Is Out Of Debt…But At 50 Cent’s Expense

Former G-Unit artist Young Buck will soon be out of the pool of debt he’s been swimming in, but it comes at 50 Cent’s expense. Fif had loaned Buck $300k way back when, and Buck still owed him $171k of that, but now that he’s filed for bankruptcy, that slate has been wiped clean and 50 will get nada. G-Unit Records also had an outstanding debt with Buck to the tune of $10 mil, but they too will get nothing. As for Buck’s lawyers, the bankruptcy trustee and the IRS, they’ll split about $330k.

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