Scarface Explains Why Geto Boys Reunion Album Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

Recently, we told you that Scarface and the Geto Boys were making plans to possibly get back into the studio for their first album in 10 years. Sorry to all the Geto Boys stans out there, but it doesn’t look like the album is happening anytime soon. Scarface recently detailed the reasons behind his decision plus why he’s dropping out of the remainder of the Geto Boys reunion tour. Find out the details after the jump!

Scarface Started Rapping To Become A Better DJ

Scarface just recently came out with his memoir titled ‘ Diary Of a Madman : The Geto Boys, Life, Death and the Roots of Southern Rap’. The Scarface Autobiography details many aspects of the Houston native’s life including the pretty well known facts and interesting info that the general public never would have known. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!!

(Photos) Hip Hop Legend Scarface Talks Suicide In His Upcoming Memoir

Everybody might not want the truth but some say everybody needs it. From shoot outs in Southern streets to selling millions of records with The Geto Boys, a successful solo career and moves as an industry executive, this Hall of Famer has gems for the people. Check out the details and an excerpt as Hip Hop Legend Scarface Talks Suicide In His Upcoming Memoir “Diary of A Madman” hitting the streets April 21!

Is Rap Sounding ‘Stupider And Stupider?’ Well According To Scarface, It IS!!

According to Houston’s own Scarface, 1/3rd of the Geto Boys, modern rap music doesn’t come close to the quality of music put out by other genres. He elaborates in an interview with XXL magazine after the jump.

(Video) Willie D And Scarface Talk Politics And Most Recent Mass Shooting!!!

2/3’s of the Geto Boys sat down for an interview and discussed… politics! Willie D sat down along side Scarface and spoke upon the most recent controversial mass shooting and his response? “Im cool with whatever you’re dong if it’s for a cause a real cause, not just because!” Willie D goes further into discussing our nations politics and the values that come into play when these horrific situations occur, hit the jump to see the short but insightful interview from the hip hop legends!

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