Recently, we told you that Scarface and the Geto Boys were making plans to possibly get back into the studio for their first album in 10 years. Sorry to all the Geto Boys stans out there, but it doesn’t look like the album is happening anytime soon. Scarface recently detailed the reasons behind his decision plus why he’s dropping out of the remainder of the Geto Boys reunion tour. Find out the details after the jump!

Scarface has pulled out of the Geto Boys reunion tour indefinitely, according to Rolling Stone. The Houston rapper had been on the road with his crew when he contracted pneumonia due to exhaustion. After leaving a scheduled appearance in New Mexico earlier this month, ‘Face was hospitalized in his hometown of Houston, Texas. He recently told Rolling Stone about his medical woes.

“I was really doing bad out on that road, man. Eating truck stop food. I put on like 10 pounds,” said the Scarface. “I need to slow down and really get myself back together before I even consider going back on the road with the Geto Boys again.”

Along with pulling out of the reunion tour (for now), the “Guess Who’s Back” MC also killed off the remaining hype (if any) for the Geto Boys first album together in ten years. ‘Face explained that he’s more focused on his upcoming solo effort Deeply Rooted. However, he’s not completely against making it happen.

“In all honestly, I don’t know if that’s what the fans actually wanted,” Scarface told Rolling Stone. “I feel like if that’s what they wanted, then that’s what we’d be doing… If talks of doing another Geto Boys album reappears, and that’s what the people want, make no mistake about it, I’m down with the people. But if the question was asked and there’s really not a great demand for it, then I’d much rather be producing my son’s album.”

Scarface is set to feature several artists like Nas, Rick Ross, Cee-Lo, John Legend, and others on his follow-up to his 2002 album The Fix. Look out for the album to drop September 4.

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