(Caught On Tape) Crazy Guy Lays In Front Of Oncoming Train!!!

Truly a daredevil, a Holland man puts his life on the line… LITERALLY! The masked stuntman speaks to the camera for a second before running to the tracks and lays down. Seconds later, a train comes. Check out what happens after the jump.

Florida Man Sets Fire To Library For WHAT???

A man from East Hernando, Florida is now in police custody. He’s held in connection with arson for intentionally setting fire to the town’s library. But, what’s even more crazy is his reason for setting the fire. Hit the jump to find out.

(Caught On Tape) Rare Shark Washes Up On Beach!!

Common to see around Hawaiian beaches, a hammerhead shark surfaces… LITERALLY! Jack Mullen was lucky to get this on camera, as some people risk their lives to do. Hit the jump to see the candid footage of the 8-foot shark.

(Photos) Tragic! 8-Year-Old Witnesses Her Mother’s Murder!!

28-year-old Teresa Nelson was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, 22-year-old Douglas Manns… all witnessed by her 8-year-old daughter. Hit the jump for the sad details.

(Caught On Tape) Group Of Adults Get Into Brawl At A Chuck E. Cheese’s!!!

Chuck E. Cheese’s: Where a kid can be a kid. It’s a pretty simple saying, but one group of adults tried to relive their childhood by taking part in a shameful brawl in one Long Island location. One woman even has the audacity to jump in while holding her baby! Hit the jump and check out the footage.

(Photos) Woman Kicked Out Of Missouri Water Park For Bikini Reveals THIS!!!

After being kicked out of the Adventure Oasis water park in Independence, M.O., Madelyn Sheaffer is not at a loss for words. And justly so, as she reveals her story and what led up to her having the courage to enter the water park in her bikini deemed “skimpy.” Hit the jump to see what she had to say.

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