Twista and "Voice of the Streetz"

Violence might sound cool on a record but most Chicagoans would rather live in peace. The rampant violence weighing over neighborhoods and taking life after life hasn’t decreased much even with many of the city’s entertainers pushing positive vibes to the situation. Never giving up on the love however, Twista and “Voice of the Streetz” Program Address Chicago Violence and champion being heard beyond the music.

While Rawle Stewart has been managing platinum-selling artist Twista he’s also had his share of loss to the Windy City. With the latest death of his close friend and Lil Durk’s manager Chino Dolla last month (RIP), the thought of doing more has felt more like an obligation. Vibe and Chicago’s FOX 32 report he, Twista and “Voice of the Streetz” Program Address Chicago Violence by being a new, local, grassroots campaign to actively engage and influence some positive change. Instead of performing, the artists are going to meet with youth, adults, and listen to what they can do to assist community efforts:

Members of the program-–made up of artists Twista, Stunt Taylor, and Dancer D Low–-will participate in community outreach throughout six different neighborhoods in the city. They’ll hold meetings and speak to neighborhood residents to gain insight on their issues. “Anytime a person has a positive sparkle, a spark in his head to do something to stop something that’s bad happening, especially kids getting killed in the streets and people shooting and things like that, I mean, anything to stop something like that is a good time,” Twista told FOX 32.

Though Spike Lee’s upcoming “Chiraq” film is bracing for Common as well as Kanye West, many are opposed to the encouragement of the name ‘Chiraq.’ Twista and “Voice of the Streetz” Program Address Chicago Violence is the latest in efforts to make a meaningful difference since the announcement of the return of Common’s AAHH! Fest and Chance the Rapper’s work and events in the community. Twista and “Voice of the Streetz” Program Address Chicago Violence is also a good look as he’s not only a respected member of the community but a Hip Hop legend in his own right and inspiration to the current generation.

The growing attitude has been that government, politicians and so-called leaders have not done much about the ‘war zone’ atmosphere in Chicago. Big up to Hip Hop being more than the music and doing what other’s won’t.

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