Future pre-release promo efforts are on ONE HUNDRED. As he gets ready for reactions to his July 17th drop of Dirty Sprite 2 [DS2], Future reveals more of who he is, his number one success hits, where he came from and why he’s never going back in the documentary series, Like I Never Left.

In part three, the Atlanta native talks his start with DJ Esco, who played in music in Magic City before the mainstream success, and how he does not plan on going back to the life he had before the mainstream success.

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According to Future while Esco was playing his music in the famed strip club, no one ever knew of their friendship, but they wanted it that way. Once Future got “hot,” it had to come out in the open.

“Esco never wanted nothing from me from the beginning. He always just wanted to see me do good, and it showed,” Future talked of his friend. “Esco done seen me go through relationships, have kids, make music, come up from the bottom, start from nothing, have success, have songs on the radio…,” he continued. THAT’S A FRIEND.

Future continues on with way he use to live, and admits why he works so hard; he would never go back.

“I’m in another environment, I get a chance to live lavishly the majority of the time of the day,” Future said. “I’m in the five-star hotel, or I’m at a five-star restaurant, but I come from nothing, I come from the streets.”

“It’s no excuses when you wanna get somewhere in life,” he continues. “I had to make a choice.”

Find out more in the five-minute clip below.

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