Less than one year ago Queen’s battle rapper DNA decided to bring it to Smack’s attention that they were thinking of bringing back tag team Battle Rap. Teaming up with once opponent from Harlem K shine, it was no question that these two had chemistry to pull this form of battle rap off. Now these two are all over World Star and their hit performances are going Viral. After five 2 on 2 battles they brought it back to their Home stage this weekend for URL tv’s Summer Madness 5. Check out The mime performance that had the loudest reaction in the building.

DNA has been known for his free styling skills and quick ability to rebuttal just about anything said to him in a battle since the age of 17. He has traveled all across the world to battle, including a legendary battle rap parody with Comedian Michael Blackson. Eager to start something new within the battle rap culture he teamed up with K shine who is known for his flare and battle rap performance ability and crowd control to take on the 2 on 2 battles.

Celebrities like Drake and Method Man come out to see these guys perform and legends of all times post and enjoy the 2 on 2 battle rap trend these two have started. After Battling two females for the first time and schooling them on being respectable women that 2 on 2 quickly went viral as well on WSHH that went down at BB Kings.

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