Last night, #BlackLivesMatter activist DeRay Mckesson was arrested during a peaceful protest in Baton Rouge. Like thousands across the nation DeRay was contributing in spreading awareness to the injustices that members of the minority community go through at the hands of U.S. police. Unfortunately the protesting led to his arrest. Now many celebreties are tweeting #FreeDeRay in support of him and his brave efforts. Take a look at the celebrities supporting tweets after the jump.

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The protest in paticular that DeRay was in attendance of focused its light on the case of Alton Sterling, A father of three, who was killed due to the excessive force used by one of the arresting officers. The altercation was caught on video and its graphic footage sparked an outrage and a world wide cry to put an end to police brutality.

(Graphic Video) Police Shoot And Kill A Man From Baton Rogue

The protests would lead to the arrest of DeRay Mckesson and 124 others that night alone in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Throughout the nation nearly 200 protesters of police brutality would end up being arrested Saturday Night.

Nearly 200 People Arrested Over Night While Protesting Police Brutality

Since the arrest celebrities have come out in support for DeRay, tweeting #FreeDeRay and other things in solidarity. Below are just some of the many tweets in which celebrities Gabriel Union, Noreaga and many more show love to the #BlackLivesMatter activist.

Source: Complex