Protests continue across the U.S. and momentum is not slipping anytime soon. Mirroring the civil rights movement, thousands have gathered over the weekend to take a stance against police brutality. In the wake of the thousands which gathered across the United States to take a stance nearly 200 protesters were arrested overnight. At least 198 people were arrested between New York, Chicago, St. Paul Minnesota, and Baton Rouge.

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These are cities familiar with police violence. St. Paul Minnesota and Baton Rouge are the cities in which officers took the lives of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile just this past week. The killings are the fire that have fueled the past week of protesting. DeRay Mckesson, an active voice of the Black Lives Matter movement for peace was among the protesters arrested. His arrest came at Baton Rogue where a total of 125 protesters were arrested last night.

(Video) Black Lives Matter Activist Deray McKesson Arrested During Protest

These protesters chose Baton Rouge to protest because that is the city in which Alton Sterling was killed by a police officer on video. The graphic video has sparked controversy and backlash as the video shows two officers on top of Alton Sterling, a father and Husband, then moments later Alton is shot and killed from point blank range by one of the officers.
(Graphic Video) New Footage Of Alton Sterling’s Murder Surfaces

Others have taken a violent approach as to going against police brutality. Reports against shooting in which police are the target have been reported several times over the week. Most especially the deadly shooting in Dallas where 5 officers were killed. In the same incident 11 other Dallas PD officers were injured in the gunfire melee.

(Photo + Video) UPDATE: 11 Cops Injured And 4 Dead During Dallas Protest

Source: CNN