Indie Music Spotlight: N.O. Corleone ft. Stonie Corleone – Sutter Ave Nightmares 2


N.O. Corleone releases the follow up track to “Brooklyn” entitled “Sutter Ave Nightmares 2” ft Stonie Corleone from his highly anticipated project “Tales From East New York”. Here N.O. Corleone brings you to his block, Sutter ave and gives the listener an birds eye view with his words.

Indie Music Spotlight: Dem Boyz From the Wood Freestyle


Check out the visual for Dem Boyz From the Wood Freestyle. Watch below.

Indie Music Spotlight: Spades – B**ches Like You

“New 88 Records” is the Movement, “Spades” is the Artist, “B*tches Like You” is the Hit Single. This is exactly what’s missing, a record that rocks in the club, a joint that the women love, and something that still hard for the streets. So check out this video, because this record is moving out here.

Indie Music Spotlight: MDMC – Mama Won’t Approve


Rhyme fanatic MDMC is making an impact with his new single “Mama Won’t Approve” off of his his project titled “Medicinal MuSick Mixtape.” The Houston, Texas native is a multi talented emcee who operates as a plastic/ reconstructive surgeon by day and shadows as a songwriter, rapper and producer at night. MDMC is currently doing his residency in St Louis, Missouri.

Indie Music Spotlight: Josh Cruz – Shuttin It Down (ft. Nino Breeze)/Angels and Demons (ft. Hardflow Bolo)


Josh is currently working on his debut EP at StereoLab Studios under the guidance and production of Trevor Ontiveros, featuring the single “Shuttin It Down.” Also you can check out “Angels and Demons” featuring Hardflow Bolo. Watch below.

Indie Music Spotlight: Truez [ Underprivileged Ep.3 ] “Georgia Tears”


The Augusta, Ga bred MC, Truez has a new project coming soon. “Raw and Underprivileged” drops October 20th. The cover displays the chaos and racial tension going on in the world. The hate is taking place in our backyards everyday….WAKE UP!!!!! . Episode 3 “Georgia Tears” of the “Underprivileged Series” features Truez performing a couple songs from #RAU in Atlanta, GA.

Indie Music Spotlight: Kid Exquisite – Im Okay To Drive

Kid Exquisite returns with a dark freestyle called “Im Okay To Drive” shot by @MikeDVisuals. Check it out below.

Indie Music Spotlight: SPZZy – The Kitchen

Check out the visual for “THE KITCHEN” From New Jersey native SPZZy. Watch below.

Indie Music Spotlight: Dotty Dot – The Hangover [MIXTAPE]


Hailing out of The Bronx, Dotty Dot drops his latest project called “The Hangover.” The 15-track tape can be stream and downloaded below.

Indie Music Spotlight: N.O. Corleone – BROOKLYN


N.O. Corleone returns with his second installment “Brooklyn” from his forthcoming project entitled “Tales From East New York”. The borough of Brooklyn now has a soundtrack and a vivid painting through words to go with it.

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