(Video) @Jumpman23 x Jordan Brand x Kevin Hart x Dominate Another Day: H vs. The Snake Charmer

Alone in the Air Jordan 2011 testing lab, Specialist H (Kevin Hart) has an imaginary duel with one of Agent D3’s greatest foes, The Snake Charmer. Visit: http://www.jumpman23.com/agentd3 @DJJUANYTO

(Video) Jumpman23 x Jordan x Kevin Hart x Dominate Another Day: Heat Check

Kevin Hart is putting out a bunch of balls that are on fire… not in that sense but the video is funny… Jordan Brand’s latest Air Jordan 2o11 commercial in its “Dominate Another Day” series features flaming balls in a video titled “Heat Check”. Again, starring comedian Kevin Hart as Specialist H. @DjJuanyto

(Video) Jumpman23 x Jordan x Record Breaking Ray Allen

Ray Allen talks about breaking the all-time 3-point record (2,561), the secret to his jumper and his place as one of the best shooters in the history of basketball. @DjJuanyto @Gametimegirl

(Video) Jumpman23 x Dominate Another Day: Air Jordan 2011 Quickness Tests w/ Kevin Hart


(Video) Jordan x Dominate Another Day: Rocket Shoes

Depending on the angle, Jordan Brand and its subsequent creative partners have always been able to switch effortlessly between serious cinematic masterpieces as well as comical and light-hearted commercials. The “Dominate Another Day: Rocket Shoes” represents the latter as “Specialist H” tests a special Air Jordan 2011 prototype designed with a rocket shoe component. @DjJuanyto @GametimeGirl

(Video) Jumpman23 x Dominate Another Day: Air Jordan 2011 x Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is pretty funny in the Jumpman23 Campaigns from Dwayne Wade to the New Air Jordan 2011… Check out the video after the jump… @DjJuanyto

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