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Manny Pacquiao made sure he’d catch the fight on TV. He didn’t like what he saw.
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“Very poor sportsmanship,” said the Filipino pound-for-pound champion in the aftermath of Floyd Mayweather’s controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz in Las Vegas yesterday.

Pacquiao said he didn’t’ see anything illegal with what Mayweather did because he thought that the referee, Joe Cortez, had already ordered the fight to continue.

“It was not illegal,” he said.

Still, Pacquiao, a clean fighter, felt it was unsportsmanlike.

Freddie Roach talked to The STAR right after the fight, and felt it was a “cheap shot” from Mayweather.

“Yeah,” he said over the phone.

“The referee was still talking to someone at ringside. And I didn’t see him said ‘box’ like they always do. I think he lost control,” said Roach.

Pacquiao’s adviser, Mike Koncz, felt the same way, too.

“Poor sportsmanship,” said Koncz who watched the fight with Pacquiao.

“I feel the same way. Floyd just took advantage of the inexperience of the young fighter like Ortiz. I agree that it was a cheap shot,” he said.

Koncz was asked if Pacquiao ever talked about the possibility of fighting Mayweather as they watched the fight on TV.

“No. We’re not concerned with Floyd right now. We’re working on the (Juan Manuel) Marquez fight (on Nov. 12),” said Koncz.

“Ortiz was too trusting. It was his fault. But Floyd showed he is not a sportsman in its true sense,” said Pacquiao’s legal adviser, Franklin Gacal.

“It was very clear Cortez was still talking to somebody when Floyd threw the cheap shot at Ortiz. That punch hurt not Ortiz but the sport of boxing,” Gacal added.

Mayweather stretched his unbeaten record to 42 and became the new WBC welterweight champion when he caught Ortiz with two solid punches with just a second left in the fourth round.

It was a clear knockout except that Ortiz wasn’t protecting himself because Cortez appeared to be talking to someone at ringside, maybe the commissioner or one of the judges.

The referee’s eyes were not on the boxers.

That’s why when Mayweather landed the first blow, Cortez looked stunned, his eyes and mouth wide open. Yet, when Ortiz fell to the canvas he was so quick to give him the count.

Cortez defended his actions.

“Time was in. The fighter needed to keep his guard up. Mayweather did nothing illegal,” Cortez firmly said after the fight.

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