I’m gonna say this from the start.  This is a rumor.  We don’t know how much truth there is to it, but wanted to keep you updated in case you were interested…and sometimes these crazy stories end up being real.

I have doubts about this story because of the source AND because the same day this story came out, there were other rumors that Tiger Woods and Linsey Vonn were secretly dating.  Check out the report & let us know what you think…


Via FoxSports:

According to the National Enquirer, Woods wants to remarry Nordegren and he’s offering a huge chunk of change to get her back. The magazine also reports that Tiger even proposed to her over Christmas, getting down on one knee and presenting Nordegren with a ring.

Nordegren is reportedly considering the proposal from Woods, who is desperate to get Nordegren back, but wants a $350 million anti-cheating clause added to the contract.

Woods’ proposed deal reportedly is worth over half of his estimated $600 million fortune.

“Tiger didn’t even balk at the demand. Even though his accountants think he’s crazy, he’s ready to sign the pre-nup and set a wedding date,” a source told the magazine.

“The guy has never recovered from being dumped by Elin. He’s dated lots of models and bimbos, but none of them were more than a one night stand.”

The Enquirer reports that Woods and Nordegren have even begun having a sexual relationship again.

“Tiger stopped by Elin’s rental house one afternoon when their kids were out with a nanny and they had sex for the first time since the split,” a source reportedly told the Enquirer.