In September of 2013, A$AP Rocky was accused of laying hands on a female fan during the, Made in America Festival. Lisamarie Wade says that for no reason at all, the Harlem native gave her a slap to the face so hard that it, “caused a string of ailments which interfere with her ability to enjoy society with her minor child as a young, single mother.” She filed a suit requesting for $75,000 in damages, but then took it back due to the fact that she was unable to find the artist to serve him with papers. She then filed federal documents on a hunt for the rapper.

Rocky is now speaking out against Wade’s claims and pretty much calls her a liar. Hit the jump for more.

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In his response back to the allegations, A$AP Rocky states, I “did not intentionally assault Plaintiff or otherwise act in a manner to cause her injuries.” He adds that in, “attempting to move through the crowd after completing his set to observe the performance of another performer a group of people aggressively moved towards” him. That may have resulted in someone else hitting Wade in the face, but Rocky denies all claims.

This surely going to be hard to prove on Wade’s part.

SOURCE: The Jasmine Brand