I’m CTFU at this guy – Katt Williams is so calm, but live at the same time when dealing with released statements. Hit the jump to check out what the comedian says about his arrest with Suge Knight.

JaaiR (JR)
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Lie One:
“Her story is, she got in an altercation with me, but she didn’t.”

Lie Two:
“She said Suge too, but she didn’t have the altercation with that person either.”

During his interrogation, the police tried to get Katt to flip over on Suge, but he’s claiming that it wasn’t going to happen. “I’d rather take it [the charge] than that,” Katt says.

As far as the camera goes, he didn’t do that either. According to the funny man, the female photographer was videotaping and, “engaged inappropriately with a child…a 5-year-old” and was to delete something from her camera, but didn’t. But, he did not take the camera – allegedly.

Also Suge weighed in and said the child was his 4 yr old son, and Katt’s female associates tried to stop the female pap, and the female pap is a liar because her camera was never stolen!! She does have a camera in the video with the cop.

Cops are saying the whole thing was set up by Suge and Katt was just ‘doing what he was told to do’.