In 2011, Jazmine Sullivan had decided to take a hiatus from the music industry. Hoping that it wasn’t going to be for as long as it was, fans (such as myself) were on the prowl for her next project, and thankfully it’s on the way. May of 2014, Sullivan released the Meek Mill featured single “Dumb“, and now she is dropping more hits. However, not before stopping by Vibe for a V Sessions segment to do a skin-chilling cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing“. This girl is amazing.

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JaaiR (JR)
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The Philadelphia based artist also performs “Stupid Girl“, a track from her upcoming third studio album, Reality Show.

Reality Show tracklist:

1. Dumb (feat. Meek Mill)
2. Mascara
3. Brand New
4. Silver Lining
5. #HoodLove
6. Let It Burn
7. Veins
8. Forever Don’t Last
9. Stupid Girl
10. Stanley
11. Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)
12. If You Dare

Reality Show is scheduled to release January 13. Pre-order the album on iTunes.

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