It’s Black History Month – Time for some hip hop knowledge and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Layzie Bone is dishing the details. One of the most popular culture magazines is, Rolling Stone. The bi-weekly publication is known to their lists, categorized some of the hottest tracks to hit our ear drums since the beginning of time, and recently, one of those lists included ‘The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs.’ Great, right Wrong. According to a “heated” Layzie Bone, the fact that not one Bone Thugs track was listed is a disgrace. The founding member takes to Instagram to preach his truth.

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JaaiR (JR)
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RollingStone releases new issue “The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop songs” you mean to tell me not one Bone song made there roster. SMH. First rap group with a Grammy. Over 50 mil sold worldwide and, we contributed a style and harmony that changed hip hop 4eva. They trying to sweep me and my Niggaz under the rug huh. Erase us from history. Nah fuck that and fuck #RollingStone I’m heated #BoneThugsNHarmony #Eternal we still selling out shows 20+ years and counting. BITCHES

I’m going to say that if I were creating this list, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony would be on there. Hip Hop has come a long way since the group’s time slot in fame, but to say that they paved the way is an understatement. Layzie Bone, two thumbs up – minus the “BITCHES” part.

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