Light-It Man … if Dave East has his chance of becoming a superhero, its name would be Light-It Man. Why? For the obvious reason, of course. “Cause I light it all day. People know me for that,” the Harlem native says. During Mass Appeal’s second episode of Super…, the “L.O.X. [Living Off Xperience]” rapper talks the name and being the world’s first marijuana superhero.

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East says that he would rid the world of smoking the fake green. “That would be my fight against crime,” he claims. “Any where I smelt it or seen bad smoking, I would just swoop down.” Naming the bad weed as the villains.

But wait, what about the costume? A cape for sure, with a mask. Oh, you can’t forget the marijuana symbol. Light-It Man to the rescue.

Three of Light-It Man’s Powers

1. Unlimited Supply
2. Change the Mindset of Weed-Bashers;
3. Get ALL the females.

Light-It Man’s Kryptonite

Bad Weed! Brown, Garbage or Regular!

Wondering what Light-It Mobile would do? Check out the video below.

Who would you superhero be and hat would he or she do? Let us know in the comments down bottom. I’m interested.