After the historic fight at MGM Grand Arena this past weekend, many were saying the Pac-Man was copping out after complaining that he was fighting with an injured shoulder. Well, it looks like he was serious and he is now getting ready for surgery with plans to be out for 9 months to a year! Click more for the full story!

I guess we will not be watching Mayweather v.s. Pacquiao II come this Septemeber. ESPN recently reported that the Pac-Man will undergo surgery to repair what seems to be a significant injury to his right rotator cuff. Despite losing to Floyd Mayweather though, Manny’s accomplishments in Boxing cannot go unseen and he is definitely still considered a top fighter in league. So what does this mean for him and the future?

Pacquiao is a 36 year old fighter who is not getting any younger and it looks like father time may be catching up with his body. The shoulder injury he received came at the most inconvenient time as Pacquiao disclosed that he received the injury during training camp for the Mayweather fight. But who would Pacquiao fight next anyway. The championship fight against Mayweather can easily be thought of as a pinnacle fight in his career, so new opponents will only mean that his career his on the decline. Perhaps after he recovers, we can expect a Mayweather/Pacquiao II.


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