When you are the best, you have to expect people to take shots at you all the time. It just comes with the territory. Couple those shots with a questionable background and you’re pretty much leaving yourself open to be public enemy number one. Ronda Rousey recently addressed a quesiton about Floyd and she may have been sneak dissing. Click more to check out the story!

Let me start this off by saying, I would never condone any type of domestic violence. With that being said, you can just guess what the basis of the response Rousey provided when she was asked about Mayweather. In an interview, Rousey’s career was compared to Floyd’s in the sense that they are both undefeated and a reporter asks, “could you take him down?” The beginning of Rousey’s response was on the humble side but the finish is where the jabs come in. Rousey responded, “Well, I would never say that I can’t beat anyone, but I don’t think me and him would ever fight…Unless we ended up dating,” and that was the burn!

Some back story, however, from Rousey and Mayweather’s past. Around the time that Mayweather was preparing to fight Maidana, he was asked a question about Rousey and he responded, “I don’t even know who he is.” LOL! Now, if that isn’t disrespectful, I don’t know what is. I mean, her first name is Ronda!

Maybe Ronda remembered that statement and tried to take a small jab back at Mayweather? The real MVP in this situation is the reporter though. I definitely see what was done there and they definitely get the assist for asking Ronda that question about fighting Floyd!


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