Pusha T puts Racist Bar on blast all day today after a run in with a very ignorant worker in Virginia. Pusha T stated that this particular worker at the bar would give instructions to the bouncers not to let black people in to the sports bar. Telling anyone “colored” that it was a guest list only party for the night. Continue to see what Pusha T had to say

If you check the gallery you can see where Pusha T put racist bar on blast first on twitter and then on instagram. He even posted a picture and tagged the specific worker who gave the absurd disrespectful instructions. Venue 112 Sports Lounge has officially been put on blast all over the internet. Mind you this is the hometown of artist Pusha T , In a very powerful message directed to the establishment he stated ..
” A history of reviews online and on social media share in a seamless thread of bigotry involving your establishment , I will never come again , you didn’t know about me last night but you will learn everything about me and you will correct this wrong.”

The Yelp page for this particular sports bar show multiple reviews which confirms the incident . A guest posted a complaint saying how they could not believe it was 2015 and the obvious racism was going on in front of everyone’s eyes where the black guest on line were being told to leave or told they had to be on a guest list, while any guest who showed up who were white were let right in . I bet these people wish they knew about Hip Hop maybe they won’t turn away someone with a powerful voice such as Pusha T who put the Racist bar on blast.

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