Keyshia Cole had a show in Detroit last night and it looks like she invited the champ, Floyd Mayweather. Apparently Keyshia and Floyd have been friends for sometime but Keyshia found herself defending her friendship on Instagram.

These days, you can’t take a picture with someone without people assuming that you’re involved with them outside of the spotlight. Keyshia Cole and Floyd Mayweather were spotted together at a show she had in Detroit and she thanked him for coming through and showing love. According to Keyshia, the two have been friends for over 7 years and its always love when they run into each other.

A fan, or maybe not a fan, left a comment under the picture of the two saying that would be nice a upgrade for Keyshia since Floyd is worth $400 million but he doesn’t even want her. LOL! How do people always assume these things? Keyshia followed up though, letting them know they were lame for even knowing Floyd’s net worth and they should worry about their own bread.

Man, I can’t front its always weird when people have these assumptions about celebrities they don’t know personally. What if Floyd really did want to bag her? #ShmoneyTeam