Looks like the Donald is losing sponsorships left and right after his comments about Mexicans. I knew Donald Trump was getting money, but I did not realize just how many things his hands were tied into. ESPN has decided to change the location of their annual ESPY’s Golf Classic following his racist comments!


I can’t say that I am mad at this move at all. In 2015, there is just no room for people like Donald Trump to be able to make offensive comments like his regarding Mexican immigrants. He should especially not be able to make such comments during a time when racial tension is higher than it has been in previous years and retain the partnerships that he has.

ESPN made an announcement that the Golf Classic will now be at Pelican Hill Golf Club in Los Angeles. In statement that ESPN officials made, they said:

“We decided it was appropriate to change the venue, and are grateful for the opportunity to stage the even at Pelican Hill on short notice…Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund…for minority populations, including Hispanics and African Americans…Diversity and inclusion are core values at ESPN and our decision also supports that commitment.”

So far, Trump has lost sponsorships with Macy’s, NBC Universal, Univision, and ESPN just to name a few. I would not be surprised if various businesses continue to cut ties with the Donald Trump.

Source: Business Insider