Following her Emmy win, Viola Davis sat down with Ellen Degeneres to discuss the historic moment. During their chat, The How to Get Away With Murder star revealed that she’s been showered with extravagant gifts from none other than Oprah Winfrey.

Check out what Oprah sent below.

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During the Ellen DeGeneres show, Davis revealed, “Oprah does everything big,” and we can agree she does judging by the massive display of flowers and the case of champagne she sent. She said, “Those flowers right there took two double doors. We had to open them in order to get them inside.” In addition to the massvive flower arrangement Oprah also sent her a case of Jay-Z’s champange which retails for $450 a bottle! Davis admitted, “I always look it up online and see how much it cost,” That’s very tacky of me, I know. And then I drink it real slow.”

Check out the footage below.

Ellen, who never lets a guest leave her couch empty handed, also gave Viola a gift. Click the gallery to check it out.

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