Its Halloween weekend and things are bound to get crazy! Out of all terrifying things that are being shown on television for a thrill, theres just one thats out of the ordinary. A live exorcism will be shown on television this weekend!

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The exorcism will be shown at 9pm tonight on Destination America. It will be shown as a two-hour marathon. A psychic, a clergyman, and a ghost asylum team will be going to St. Louis to a home to search for evil energy. Producer Jodi Tovay, tells sources the worst thing that could possibly happen is a entity getting attached to someone which is pretty scary.

“People have called it the biggest supernatural mystery in American history, so many tales that have come out of that house and still exist around it.So we almost had to do something.”

There will be a slew of experts there and also a Bishop, Bishop James Long. To the viewers who are true scare feins, they will be able to go online and view the broadcast footage that will not make it to TV. The live view will be showing footage from all rooms in the house. This is pretty creepy if you ask me but kind of historic on the count of this never really is shown on live television.

Source: Complex