When child-stars grow up in the spotlight, we sometimes forget that they are so young or that they’re growing up just like the rest of us. Generally, we focus on how they look now, and forget that they were once teens in their awkward years, too!

Nick Jonas took to Instagram to share his most recent #TBT, a photo of he and Miley, pre-twerkout.


Nick Jonas was always the heartthrob of the Jonas Brothers group, and has grown even more-so into that role as his looks have flourished with manhood.

The curly-haired, lead singer for the boy band posted the flick of him with his arm around his lady pop-star friend, labeling her as his ‘first crush.’

#tbt When you’re 13… hanging with your first crush and you’re trying to play it cool. #wheresmydeodorant

Miley, as usual, seemed to be playing it super cool, sending up the peace sign for the camera, and followed the gesture with a kissy face. So, 2008!

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