In a hit comedy show on Netflix called Master Of None starring Aziz Anasari has been trending, as I personally watch it and find it funny.

Aziz Anasari character name in the show is Dev. Show takes place in NYC where him and friends go through funny skits. Just like in every funny show Dev has a lady crush but it’s not his girlfriend just his lady crush, her name is Rachel. Show is 30 minutes long which is good for a comedy has the viewer laughing till the end and into the next episode. Dev’s act in the show is a character who works mainly in TV commercials and always seems to be doing good then out of nowhere losses the part in the commercial to only get it back in a funny sense. Aziz Anasari in the show speaks as a Americanized Indian not your oversea’s Indian but his dad in the show has the accent lol. Dev and his friends played by Eric Wareheim, Kelvin Yu and Lena Waithe. Character names are Arnold, Brian and Denise or also known as a big white dude, an Asian guy and a black lesbian. Some kind of cast members Dev has, they are good at conversational sarcasm and keeping it “hipster”. Watch the show! won’t be disappointed