Rob Ryan has had his fair share in the New Orleans Saints’ mishaps over the last few years, but recently, Ryan expressed that he would not take the full blame as it is being portrayed by the team.


Ryan, who was fired by the Cowboys only three years ago, was let go from the New Orleans staff early last week following a horrible 47-14 loss to the Washington Redskins.

Post-departure, Ryan is speaking out and saying that he is being blamed for all of New Orleans’ failures, but refuses to carry the full load.

“I have a lot to do with it, but everything in New Orleans is being blamed on me, including Katrina. I think that’s a little far-fetched.”

Though he did crack his jokes like the last time, Ryan did not say that he’d “be out of work for, like, five minutes” as he had when the Cowboys announced the separation.

Ryan was with the Saints for a little over two years and commented on the organization, saying,

“Something had to be done. Right now the defense is ranked 33rd in the league, and there’s only 32 teams.”

Ryan finished by confirming his return.

“I’ll hold my head high and walk out in the sunset but believe I’ll come back with a vengeance.”