DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled sent his fans and Twitter followers into panic mode Monday night after posting a full Snapchat story of himself being lost at sea on his jet ski. If you follow Khaled on Snap you already know he loves to document his jet skiing adventures and Monday was no different, until things took a turn for the worst.

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The story goes, after spending an afternoon having lunch with Rick Ross, DJ Khaled hopped back on his jet ski to head home. The situation went from fun to dangerous real quick, as the sun went down and Khaled was lost at sea in the dark. Despite being lost and probably a little nervous Khaled documented the experience via Snapchat. He first posted asking for help, telling his followers, “If you know me call Zay Zee,” but then the experience turned into a chance for Khaled to put on one of his motivational speeches. He said, “The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark. This is against the law. Not even just that. This ain’t right.”

Luckily, DJ Khaled made it home safely and tweeted saying,

I made it I’m back thank u to all yall checking in please never try to drive Jets skies at night and especially if your lost at sea bless up

Check out the video below.

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