Every woman’s dream is of course to have not only the perfect wedding but also the perfect proposal. They want something memorable and romantic. Well for one woman, her knight and shinning armor took things a little too far.

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In a video posted by WorldStarHipHop, a group of police officers are seen pulling over a car at gunpoint. The woman was rushed out of her car as police asked her to put her hands behind her head. Little did the woman know this was not a real stick up. As she was moved to the side, police rushed to go grab a handful of balloons for the woman. Her lover than popped the big question asking her to marry him. She said “I will.” The staged terrorist attack, took place in Rostov-on-Don, which is in south-western Russia. Many people are not feeling the stunt at all. Some say it was foolish and that their partner would have gotten a smooove no if they did that to them.

Check out the outrageous proposal below.