The Playboy Magazine owner Hugh Hefner has had some of the most memorable nights in the Playboy mansion. From parties to late night randevú’s, it definitely goes down in that mansion. The California home is reportedly now up for grabs.

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The mansion was designed in 1927! It definitely has some age to it. Sources say the home will listed within the next month or so and is looking to be worth somewhere arounf $200 million. However, Real Estate experts don’t quite agree with this amount. They think due to the history and age of the home, it can be worth anywhere from $80 to $90 million.

There are a few rules to buying this property. The first rule is that the buyer must give Hefner a lifetime estate meaning he can stay in the home until he dies. The last rule is that possible buyers are allowed to tour the room but no one is allowed in Hef’s room! Not sure how I feel about that deal but who knows! others may just be down to be Hugh Hefners roomate.

Check out the home in the gallery.

Source: TMZ