Kanye West is infamous for loving himself and there is nothing wrong with self love but Ye takes self love to a whole new level but I’m not even mad at him. You may call him a narcissist and say he is full of himself but who is gonna love Kanye more than Kanye loves Kanye? NO ONE! Unless your name is Kim Kardashian West.

Well besides all of that an Australian artist named Scott Marsh painted a 20-foot mural of the Chi-Town rapper kissing himself! OMG!

Check out the picture in the gallery after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

I am a huge Kanye West fan and I literally love him and all of his work but I think it is safe to say that no one loves Mr.West more than Mr.West loves himself. Scott Marsh who happens to be an artist painted a 20-foot mural of Kanye doing what he does best, loving himself cause no one can hold you down more than yourself.

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Source: Photo Via R3DVI on Reddit