Drug testing for athletic events are usually split into two samples A & B. In this case, A tested positive, so B was available for re-testing. Jones and his manager Malki Kawa apparently requested his “B” sample tested to verify that an illegal substance was in fact present. It was.

The list of unapproved or banned substances from the USADA is pretty extensive. I mean, it’s only about 8 pages, but the list includes ephedrine (which can be found in OTC remedies), beta-blockers, alcohol, and diuretics (like water pills). I mean, as an athlete, and his manager, it’s their job to know what is and isn’t acceptable, and of course how long it will remain in your system if you should need to use any of these substances legally, pre-fight. But damn.

Jones was preparing to fight Daniel Cormier tomorrow in the much anticipated UFC 200…to be a milestone in both of their careers, but was disqualified on Wednesday.

Jones will likely fight the allegations, but clearly not in time for tomorrow’s fight. It will however…if he should win, keep him from being suspended for the next two years.