We thought that the lying swimmer of Rio, Ryan Lochte’s 6-month punishment was harsh yesterday…well, the USOC slept on it, and 6 wasn’t enough!! Keep reading to find out what else was handed down.

So…here’s the sum up:

No white house visit with the rest of Team USA for Lochte.
No swim meets for a full 10 months for Lochte.
He’s got to return the money he earned for winning a gold medal in Rio.
He’s got to perform 20 hours of community service.
Finally, Lochte will have no access to training centers.

Well DAMN!!!! USA Swimming officials really care about how we look to the world huh? Bet no one else will conveniently forget what happened to them…ever. Hopefully, Lochte will be able to pull it together for the 2020 Olympics because for the next year, he is ass-out. You might even see him training at a pool near you. Keep a look out. #IJS

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