Apple is about to release iOS 10.2, but before they do, they gave it to users who are a part of the developer beta testing.

Included in the update are 72 new emojis, FINALLY giving us bacon, a carrot, a black heart, a shark and more. I’m still trying to understand why we haven’t gotten a cupcake, but whatever! Check out all 72 new emojis below.

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-Rolling On The Floor Laughing
-Clown Face
-Lying Face
-Drooling Face
-Nauseated Face
-Sneezing Face
-Face Palm
-Hand With Index and Middle Fingers Crossed
-Call Me Hand
-Left-Facing Fist
-Right-Facing Fist
-Raised Back Of Hand
-Black Heart
-Wilted Flower

-Mother Christmas
-Pregnant Woman
-Man Dancing
-Man In Tuxedo
-Face With Cowboy Hat

-Baguette Bread
-Stuffed Flatbread
-Shallow Pan Of Food
-Green Salad
-Glass of Milk
-Clinking Glasses
-Tumbler Glass


-Fox Face

-Octagonal Sign
-Motor Scooter
-First Place Medal
-Second Place Medal
-Third Place Medal
-Boxing Glove
-Martial Arts Uniform
-Person Doing Cartwheel
-Water Polo
-Goal Net
-Drum With Drumsticks
-Shopping Trolley

Source: Mashable