This is interesting for the fact that Ebro and Yachty have been toe to toe together before. The two have now got a chance to speak on a few things while on Beats 1 radio. Yacht and Ebro spoke on Twitter beef, ‘mumble rap’ and more.

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While on the show, Yachty says he is not quite a rapper. Back in June, Yacht went on ‘Ebro in the Morning,’ and couldnt kick a freestyle. That same week, Ebro called Yachty out for having weak bars. While on his mixtape, ‘Summer Songs 2,’ Yachty did a song dedicated to Hot97 to prove he had bars. The track was called ‘For Hot 97. We know that Yachty and Ebro are complete opposites are Ebro as is more old school rap and Yachty is new school rap. Seems as though these two got along pretty well for the show.

Here’s the full interview;

Source: Complex