Along with Kanye West, The Donald met with a couple other African American figureheads today. Gridiron legends Jim Brown and Ray Lewis took a stroll through the golden gates of Trump Tower today. But to talk about what?

Looks like someone pulled out the proverbial “black-card” today at Trump Castle. I mean, there were like 4 people of color all at once in Trump Tower, and they were meeting with The Donald; not making amazing taco bowls. Omarosa is like…I don’t even know what she is like. She’s definitely who she is though. Kanye was there…lookin’ like the Kanye we know and love. Then there’s Ray Lewis and Jim Brown. Two legendary icons from the football field. So what in the world did this cast of characters have to talk about with tThe Donald?

According to Jim…”helping people”. Ray had a little more to say though. Check out the footage.

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