Kim Kardashian x Kanye West MM
Source: Instagram

A source close to the Kardashians is talking to US Weekly, and reportedly has some insight on how Kimmy is feeling about her hubby’s trip to see Trump…despite the fact that she voted for Hillary Clinton.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

“Kim knew Kanye was coming on this trip. She’s not surprised by this,” they said, adding that she supports her husband’s choice. “Kim knew that Kanye supported Trump before this. Kim and Kanye definitely differ on their opinions obviously, she voted for Hillary.” They also added a little about Ye’s mindset:

“Kanye respects the idea that Trump was able to speak to a group of people in the country that had been largely forgotten by the media. He looks at Trump as a celebrity who is able to influence the greatest office in the world, not as a politician. Kanye believes celebrities can be more powerful than our politicians. Just because the internet or the media is framing something in one way, like Hillary winning the election, doesn’t always mean that that’s a representation of what’s going on in reality.”

Do you feel what Ye is saying, or nah?