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Talk about your mega weed?!?! You have got to see the unique joint crafted especially for knockout kings Nick and Nate Diaz!

Ok…shhhh, no one’s around. What’s the most you ever spent on weed? I won’t tell.

Well, this roll-up that the Diaz brothers got to partake of has a price tag of 2 freaking Gs!!! Yes, $2000 dollars. I mean, I can think of 2000 other things that I could do with $2K. Most of it has to do with shoes and purses but I mean, ok, to each his own.

This kind of reminds me of Katt Williams though. ‘How high are we trying to get Snoop?!?!’

It’s pretty cool that it was in the shape of a boxing glove. You think they shared? Wait…is weed on the do-not-take list for the UFC? Hmmm…

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