Photo Credit: Instagram / @TheNewClassic

Yesterday afternoon, reports circulated that Iggy Azalea was dating 19-year-old producer Ljay Currie. The cause of the rumors were pictures that surfaced, showing the pair kissing and getting handsy on a yacht in the Mediterranean for a mutual friend’s birthday trip. It’s not what you think, though, according to Iggy.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Taking to Instagram today in what seems to be a post poking fun at the situation, Iggy shared a photo with a much more hefty man on the same yacht, writing, “Y’all got the wrong guy. #NewBooAlert”

Now, big guys need love too…but somehow given her track record, I have a feeling that the rapper is just teasing for now. Whether Ljay is actually her “man” or not is yet to be seen, but Iggy is fresh out of a breakup and having fun, so let her do her!