Chance the Rapper has now taken to Twitter to share what deal he had made with Apple Music regarding his album “Coloring Book.” He believes that artist today have a lot more to gain from “streaming wars” as long as they’re able to maintain control of their product which is actually a fact. Apparently there has been a few rumors going around about Chance’s relationship with Apple that he has never felt the need to address until today.

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According to Chance, In exchange for a  two-week Coloring Book exclusive, Apple gave him $500,000 and a commercial. He says, “I needed the money and they’re all good people over there.” Pretty decent deal if you ask me. The album came out in May of 2016 through Apple Music. It then was added to Soundcloud for free.99. This year at the Grammy’s, Chance made the culture proud as he took home the Best Rap Album award. Let’s not forget this guy doesnt even belong to a label. GOALS!

Source: Complex