Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas – a longtime rival of Fetty Wap’s – has been arrested in connection with the robbery that occurred in their hometown of Paterson, NJ this morning.

As previously reported, Fetty was robbed of his 1738 chain at a local corner store around 5am today, and a shootout then ensued. Fuzz has now been taken in on gun charges – though he may get hit with robbery charges too, as he already was dumb enough to post a photo with Fetty’s stolen chain.

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For his part, Fuzz says he didn’t take the chain, but that someone got it to him and he took a photo.

TMZ sources say that the two have had a “deep rooted” beef for years over music deals gone bad (which sounds like jealousy to me…) Fuzz and his crew had even warned Fetty to “stay out of Paterson,” but of course, he’s not staying out of his own city.

We’ll keep you updated!

Source: TMZ