Guess Who Decides To Release A Statement !!!

The National Rifle Association releases a statement expressing their condolences and sorrow for what happened in Newtown last friday. Alot of people have been wondering what was taking them so long. Click below to find out. Funk Flex

Find Out Which 10 Celebrities Are NRA Members!!!

I always thought that the NRA members were just country caucasians, guess not. You’d be surprised about who’s on the list, well, maybe. Funk Flex

Shankar The Sitar Legend Dies At 92

Sitar legend Ravi Shankar dies at 92 due to a heart valve surgery gone wrong. The Indian musician passed away near his home in San Diego, California. For those of you who didn’t know, Ravi Shankar is the Father of singer/songwriter Nora Jones. Here’s another dope fact, sources say he taught Beatle George Harrison to play the sitar. Ravi Shankar and his music touched the lives of many people and he will truly be missed. Funk Flex

The Real Omar Little Dies At 58

Last thursday the world lost a former stickup man, but not just any former stickup man, Donnie Andrews. Andrew’s life inspired the creation of, HBO’s “The Wire” character, Omar Little. Donnie Andrews passed away due to complications during an emergency heart surgery. Andrew’s managed to turn his life around for the better, starting a foundation, “Why Murder?,”writing for Emmy Award Winning series, “The Wire,” among much more. Click below for the full story. Funk Flex

What’s Going On!? Another Connecticut School On Lockdown!

Police got a disturbing call this morning.There were reports of a man carrying a rifle near Branchville Elementary School in Ridgefield, CT. Luckily most students weren’t at school yet so all schools buses were redirected to East Ridge Middle School where students were put in an auditorium. Hours later they found the man- who was carrying an umbrella that looked like a Samurai Sword.Read the full story below. Funk Flex

The Public Gets A Chance To Say Goodbye To Jenni Rivera

To all Jenni Rivera fans you can still pay your respects to the late Mexican-American singer Wednesday, Dec.19 at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California. Services will be led by the singers brother, Rev. Pedro Rivera Jr. Rivera’s family calls the service a Celestial Graduation. Check out the full story below. Funk Flex

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