(Check The Pic) Tyler The Creator Taking Promotions Into His Own Hands

Tyler The Creator takes matters into his own hands…maybe this is the reason for the first week sales. Hit the jump to see the pic. @wilmajor

Student In Florida Spits On Woman at WalMart

A student of Institue of Florida Technology was charged with misdemeanor battery after shit spit on woman at Walmart. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @funkflex

(Video) Sarah Palin Accuses NBC’s David Gregory of Asking Racist Question!

Sarah Palin says David Gregory asked racist-tinged question to Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich. Hit the jump to read the story and see the video. @funkflex

(Video) Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks Straight Stuntin At Sues!!!

Hit the jump to see Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks straight stuntin at sues rendezvous for the 4 year anniversary of straight stuntin magazine. @wilmajor

Jay-Z Earns More than Beyonce For The First Time Since 2008 (Fellas Check The Pic)

In the last year Jay-Z has raked in $37 million, beating Beyonce by $2 million this year. Hit the jump to read the rest of the financial breakdown. @wilmajor

Robert Gates Talks Pakistan: Somebody Knew Osama Bin Laden Was Hiding There

Robert Gates talks about pakistani govt, and claims that Osama’s location was near a military facility and somebody had to know he was there. Osama was said to be at that location for 5 years. Hit the Jump to read the rest of the story. @funkflex

(Video) Look At The Mo’F*ckin Wheels

Platinum motorsport has released a video called “Epic”, Platinum is showing off their customized collection of cars. Hit the jump to check out the video. @wilmajor

(NSFW Photo) Ronald McDonald Getting His Beef Tested!!! Beyond Crazy!!!

This statue of Ronald McDonald is stiff in more than one way. Hit the jump to See the pic. @funkflex

(Photo)Get Your Obama Birth Certificate T-shirt And Coffee Mug!!!!!!

Obama’s campaign team has started promoting for the upcoming elections and how are they doing that you ask? With Barack Obama Birth certificate and coffe mugs. Hit the jump to see the pic. @funkflex

(Photos) Arnold’s Former Home For Sale For $23.5 million

Arnold’s home that he shared with his wife has hit the market, and it has hit for $23.5 million. Hit the jump to check out the pics of the mansion. @funkflex

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