#SEMA 2010: Kia Sportage Concepts … “By the way…Kia is trash!!” – Funk Flex

#SEMA 2010: Vortex F1

Toyota to recall 136,000 cars over steering fault

Toyota on Thursday announced a recall of almost 136,000 compact cars in Japan and Europe to fix a steering problem. The world’s largest automaker, which was battered by a global safety crisis earlier this year, said it will recall 65,000 compact iQ and Passo cars in Japan and about 70,800 in Europe, all of them built between 2008 and 2010.

Man Gets Paid For Every Hybrid Sold!

Toyota has sold over one million hybrids in the United States and more than two million around the world. Under a court order, the automaker is required to pay Russian-American, Alex Severinsky, for every single hybrid vehicle it sells. In 1994, Severinsky patented an invention he called Hyperdrive, which allows hybrid vehicles to operate smoothly while switching between gas and electric power. Toyota uses a system similar to Hyperdrive in its hybrid vehicles, even though they claim this technology is independent of Severinsky’s research. Regardless, the man is still getting paid!

#SEMA 2010: Chevrolet Corvette Z06X

New GM and Onstar Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

Two new apps have just been released on the iPhone and Android. If you are an owner of a 2011 GM vehicle, the two apps, OnStar My Link and myChevrolet were made for you! OnStar MyLink works with the onboard OnStar system and offers location-based services, such as a GPS parking reminder and vehicle reference material. It also features a searchable database of warning lights, dashboard indicator lights and commonly searched features from the owner’s manual. The myChevrolet app allows you to lock or unlock the doors, start the engine and access information. It also lets you see fuel level, remaining oil life and current tire pressure. The app is available for Buick, GMC and Cadillac models too. All of the apps are available as a free download from the phone’s application marketplace. Read GM’s press release after the jump… @TatWza

Renault Sandero Stepway Concept…with flowers?!

This Renault Sandero Stepway Concept is a hatchback that catches the attention of on-lookers with its sporty body kit, three-tone paint scheme, blue LEDs, and yes…flower decals! Check out the pics!!

Shelby denied patent of Cobra shape

Shelby and Factory Five Racing recently went to court because Shelby tried to patent the shape of the Cobra. The United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board felt the shape of the car did not solely belong to Shelby resulting in a victory for Factory Five. Read what Factory Five had to say about the trial after the jump…

#SEMA 2010: Custom Ford Fiestas

#SEMA 2010: Oakley Design Ferrari 458

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