Poll: Which Is One Of THESE Tracks From The #FunkFlexMixtape Is Your Favorite?!

Now that you’ve had time to ingest that Heat known as the #FunkFlexMixtape, we Really want to know how you like specific songs from the tape, are fans of specific artists pleased?! Now Mac Miller is a little more known, But Chris Webby is Up and coming, so based on both tracks on the Tape, which was your Fav?!?!?

Which LHHNY Tell All Book Will Be Better?!

This Season is over, But based on the people they were on the Show, Which Book do YOU Think will be more interesting?!

Poll: Which Playlist From #TheFunkFlexMixtape Is Your Favorite?!

It Drops Today, “Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?” at 8p(Only In The Dj Funk Flex App), But you’ve seen the track list for a little minute now… Which playlist do you like(maybe just a little more)???

Come And Vote In Our Bedloo Box On Which Search Engine Do You Prefer???

(Photos) Here’s Your Weekly IFWT Celeb Flix Fix!

If you want to get a weekly recap of what your favorite celebrities did the past week, here’s your chance to get all the pics in one post. Every week IFWT is going to provide you with the hottest celeb flicks…so hit the jump to get your weekly In Flex We Trust Celeb Flix Fix! Ash_Bankz

(Photos) Here’s Your Weekly IFWT Celeb Flix Fix! [Best of 2012 Edition]

As the year is brought to a close, thought we’d give you a dose of 2012 just before it is truly in the past. Here’s your Celeb Flix Fix of what your favorite celebs posted to Instagram, twitpic’d or were spotted doing in 2012. Let IFWT know what your favorite memory from 2012 was. Ash_Bankz

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