Funk Flex Launches Digital Mix Tapes !!!!

Funk Flex has the streets and internet going crazy after the announcement that he is putting a new mixtape together. Flex has been running with #FunkFlexMixtape on Twitter & Instagram – last week he released the name of the mixtape which will be titled “Who You Mad At Me? Or Yourself?” Flex has said his digital label will be called So Digital Music and the mixtape which is dropping in March will be the first official project from the label. I’ll hit y’all with more details when more info is given. WiL Major

(PHOTO) NBA: Oh Damn! Cam’ron Shares A Picture of Adrienne Bosh With Some Interesting Info!

Oh my.  Is Adrienne Bosh’s past coming back to haunt her?!  First Lil Wayne and now this.  Everyone thought it was crazy that Wayne had said he smashed Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne.  But it looks like he wasn’t lying about it – NOT that it makes it right.  He definitely didn’t need to say what he said. Killa Cam has now been added to the mix by posting a pic of Adrienne from back in the day and had an interesting caption added to it!!! Check it out…

NBA: Chris Bosh’s Wife, Adrienne Takes To Twitter After Lil Wayne’s Comments!!

Here’s a short recap: Lil Wayne announced he got banned from Heat game and went on a Heat rant Sunday night at an All-Star after party.  He told the crowd, “Fuck NBA! Fuck LeBron! Fuck SheWade! Fuck Chris Bosh! And I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife!”  *you can watch the video here* Well yesterday Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne responded via Twitter.  She actually did it without saying a word.  She did it by retweeting a series of tweets by people including one by Dwyane Wade’s wifey Gabrielle Union.  Adrienne also posted a nice pic with “Karma” on it. Check out all the tweets after the jump and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the drama!

NBA: Oh Sh*t! Lil Wayne Gets Kicked Out of Heat/Lakers Game & Goes Off!!!

Again?  First OKC and now this. More drama with Tunechi and NBA games! Apparently Lil Wayne got kicked out of the Heat/Lakers game for … cheering on the Lakers?!  Check out what he had to say and what other people are saying about what happened…

(Photos) Guess Who Is Sitting Next To Jay & Bey At The Grammys?!

Pictures of the Grammy seating arrangements have surfaced and one shows who will be sitting next to Jay-Z and Beyonce. It’s always interesting to see who is sitting next to who, especially with big celebs like Hov and Bey. Normally, Kanye and his guest are seated next to hip hop’s first couple, but not this year! See some seating arrangements, including who is seated next to Lil Wayne, in the gallery.

IFWT Celebrates Black History Month

Today marks the beginning of Black History month. To celebrate, we will be honoring the important men and women of black history and the impact they made on society.

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