Watch The #HopkinsCloud Weigh-in Live Today On IFWT at 1p! @HBOboxing @GoldenBoyBoxing @Barclayscenter


It’s almost here! The fight takes place tomorrow night, but we’re streaming the Bernard Hopkins vs. Tavoris Cloud official weigh in live! It takes place at the Barclays at 1p. Legendary promoter Don King will also be there.
Watch it after the jump…

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NBA:(Video) Kobe Bryant Looking Fresh On Jimmy Kimmel For Funny Interview


Last night Kobe Bryant was on the Jimmy Kimmel show discussing everything from the Lakers recent come from behind win against the Hornets, to the playoff chances for him and his teammates. The pair of cheetah print Louboutins Kobe was wearing was easily the main attraction of the interview. The camera couldn’t get enough of them, and well they are dope shoes, and he is the Black Mamba, so why not. Check out the funny interview after the jump.

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NBA:(Video) This Is Just Wrong LOL, New Version Of NBA Jam With Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un


Dennis Rodman hasn’t been in the news this much since he was on celebrity rehab. His trip to North Korea last week has caused reactions from shock, to laughter, to straight up anger. Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea is obviously not looked upon too favorably outside his own country. But that didn’t stop he and Rodman from striking up a friendship. Someone decided to re-make the classic “NBA Jam” game from the back in the day, but this time with Rodman and Kim Jong as the deadly duo on the court. The video is really hilarious and you have to pay attention to what the announcer is saying about the North Korean leader. Check it out after the jump.

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NBA:(Video) Denver Nuggets Bench Goes Crazy After This Dunk


If you saw this game, you could see this dunk coming before it happened. In a game last night against the L.A. Clippers, Wilson Chandler of the Nuggets made probably his most memorable play of his NBA career, and embarrased Matt Barnes in the process with a serious dunk! It wasn’t some fancy dunk that you may see from Blake Griffin, this was more of a “get the hell out of my way, I am a grown man” type dunk. The reaction from the nuggets bench is priceless. Check out the video after the jump.

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(PHOTO) NFL: LMAO, Drake Featuring Jets QB Mark Sanchez


Damn, whoever made this meme really doesn’t like the Jets or Mark Sanchez. I saw this last night on Twitter and just had to laugh. Drake has his big hit out right now, “Started From The Bottom” and some NFL fan took that song and combined it with Mark Sanchez’s “butt fumble.” I enjoyed this as a Giants fan. Really look at it. Hilarious.

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NBA:(Photo) Twitter Helps Bring Together NBA Player & Which Actress? You’ll Be Surprised


I guess if you have a celebrity crush, age is not important, as long as that crush is legal. But what if the crush wasn’t just legal, but was a senior citizen? Milwaukee Bucks big man Ekpe Udoh confessed to the world on twitter the one and only actress he wanted to meet was…..Betty White..really? The star of “Golden Girls”, who has become much more popular among younger people the past few years seems to be everyone’s favorite person. Read more and check the gallery after the jump.

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(PHOTO) NFL: Terrell Owens Has A New Job!!!


Well it looks like Terrell Owens will be able to pay off that large amount of money he owes to the IRS. TO has a new job! Check out what it is after the jump…

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NBA: Why Did Mark Cuban Let The Chicago Bulls Use His Plane?


Doesn’t matter if you are a wealthy NBA franchise with access to unlimited funds. If the airplane you are on wants to scare the life out of you, it is going to do it regardless. Well the Chicago Bulls players and coaches got the scare of their life this week and of all the people to help them out was Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Read more about it after the jump.

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(PHOTO) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Just Being Floyd Mayweather


Oh you fancy huh? Floyd Mayweather is known for his money (hence the nickname). He’s been seeing flying on his private jets, with loads of cash, tons of expensive jewelry, garage full of cars and much more. Well he shared a picture on Twitter racking up a bunch of 2013 Burberry limited edition items. Must be nice,

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(Video) NBA: Lob City at Its Best Wednesday Night!!

IFWT_Lob city

Check out these incredible dunks by Blake Griffin & company Wednesday night as ‘Lob City’ was in full effect against the Bucks at the Staples Center, converting AMAZING alley-oops and jaw-dropping slams & jams!

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