(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Told Cop He’s Made $100 Million During DUI Arrest


Adrien Broner was arrested for DUI back in January and now we have footage of the arrest. “The Problem” talks quite a bit during the arrest, including telling the officer that he is not drunk and she doesn’t realize who she is arresting. He also goes on to tell her that he loves her and reminding her how much money he has made. Maybe it worked though because during the video you can see the demeanor of the officer change from cold to more laid back and friendly. Broner wound up pleading not guilty and plans to fight the charge.

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(Video/Photos) Boxing: Adrien Broner Drops $750K on 50 Karat Chain & More Jewelry!

IFWT_Adrien Broner money

Adrien Broner is Floyd Mayweather’s protege so he’s picked up a lot of his habits, including spending tons of money on lavish jewelry.  Broner “The Problem”, still feeling great about his win over John Molina last month, hit up Avianne and Co. in New York City and treated himself to $750,000 of jewelry.

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(Photos) Boxing: Adrien Broner & Amir Khan Wanted To Be “Co-Main Event” For Mayweather/Pacquiao


No disrespect to either Adrien Broner or Amir Khan, but there is no way these guys were serious to begin with right? The two fighters communicated via twitter about getting the paperwork and giving fans what they want and trying to be the co-main event along with Floyd & Manny on May 2nd. Thankfully someone must have gave them a reality check. There are no two boxers on the face of this Earth worthy enough to share headlines with Floyd & Manny on what will be the biggest night in boxing history. Ali in his prime would be the only person worthy of sharing the spotlight with these two champions. Still good news for Broner and Khan fans, it does appear these two will have their own great fight on June 6th. Check the gallery!

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(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Is Up To His Usual Antics As He Easily Defeats John Molina Jr On NBC Boxing


The crowd booed alot at the mention of Adrien Broner’s name but the only thing he cared about was hearing his name announced as the winner after easily handling John Molina Jr. The fight started off shaky for “The Problem” but he took control shortly thereafter and dominated Molina, at times literally toying with him and talking in his ear most of the fight. Molina attempted to blame Broner for running but in reality he had no chance to win this fight and was clearly overmatched. The final scores were (120-108,120-108,118-110) all in favor of Broner who definitely needed this fight to get back on track. During the fight and after Broner was being Broner with his comments and straight clowning Molina in the ring. End of the day the fight was easy work for AB!


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(Video) Boxing: Sugar Ray Leonard Goes Off On Adrien Broner For Not Making Weight For Fight


Sugar Ray Leonard has an old school mentality when it comes to the sport he loves. So you can expect him to be overly critical when boxers today don’t seem to have the focus that he may have had as a fighter. Adrien Broner fights tonight against John Molina Jr on NBC in what is expected to be a pretty good fight and Sugar Ray ripped Broner for coming in overweight and not being focused. The weight limit was 140, Broner came in at 141, which contractually wound up being ok, but still didn’t prevent Leonard from speaking his mind.

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(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Says He’ll Never Work With Jay Z

IFWT_Jay Z Adrien Broner

Apparently Adrien Broner isn’t done talking yet.  First he went off on Jay Z and Rihanna after Hov offered him a five-year $40 million contract with Roc Nation Sports, then Broner apologized and now he has something new to add.

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(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Apologizes to Jay Z & Rihanna


Boxer Adrien Broner went way off the deep end when he not only turned down Jay Z’s five-year, $40 million offer, he also ripped him and Roc Nation singer Rihanna.  Broner said things like Hov should suck his d*ck and that Rihanna can only offer him p*ssy.  Even fellow music mogul and boxing promoter 50 Cent said Broner shouldn’t have done it.  After thinking about it, receiving feedback from fans and a call from his “big homie”, Adrien Broner apologizes.

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(Video) Boxing: 50 Cent Says Adrien Broner Should’ve Taken the Deal & Not Ripped Jay Z!

50 Cent

Boxer Adrien Broner has never been shy when it comes to speaking his mind but when he rejected Jay Z’s offer to join Roc Nation Sports, he went wayyyy overboard.  Fellow boxing promoter and music mogul, 50 Cent says Adrien Broner shouldn’t have done that.

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(Video) Boxing: WHOA! Adrien Broner Comes At Jay Z’s Neck! Verbally Attacks Rihanna As Well!


What the hell got into Adrien Broner?? Out of nowhere it seems he just created a beef for himself with Jay Z & Rihanna of all people. It stems from Broner not being happy with the offer Hov made for him to join Roc Nation Sports and it winds up with him saying Jay can “suck his d*ck”!! He then throws Rihanna in the mix and says she ain’t good for anything but pussy! Is Broner purposely trying to make enemies?? Broner claims Jay was willing to throw $40 million at him for five years but that wasn’t good enough and he felt insulted cause Hov wouldn’t meet personally with Broner. He is just crazy for this.

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(Photo) Boxing: Broner To Pacquiao & Maidana – “Come Fight Me P*ssies”


Boxing champ Adrien Broner took to Instagram, where he called out fellow boxing heavy hitters Marcos Maidana and Manny Pacquiao. Broner, known for his flashiness and trash talking, definitely is not holding back, as he said “I tasted defeat once but I won’t lose again.” The star boxer goes on to call the other two “p*ssies”…hit the jump for more juice on Broner’s comments!

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