(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Discusses Breakup From Miss Jackson, Adrien Broner & More on All Access

IFWT_Mayweather vs. Maidana

The big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana will take place on May 3, 2014 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  As usual SHOWTIME All Access gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of both fighters and their preparation leading up to the fight.

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(PHOTO) Boxing: Adrien Broner Kicks It With Sexy Tahiry


Tahiry seems to be loving the single life and was spotted in DC at Stadium (a popular strip joint) over the weekend.  Well boxer Adrien Broner was there as well and he shared a pic of the two.  Check it out…

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(PHOTO) Boxing: Adrien Broner Wants Answers From Mayweather & Shantel Jackson About This Pic!


I’m really not sure what to think here.  Broner & Mayweather are boys, so I’m not sure why he’d take to Twitter/Instagram about a photo of Mayweather’s relationship status with his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson???  There has to be a purpose behind it … because he could have just picked up a phone.
When Ms. Jackson & Mayweather were engaged, she had a HUGE closet in his place full of shoes and purses.  Well a website put up an alleged photo of what the closet looks like now.  Broner posted up that pic and made sure to @ Mayweather and Shantel asking about it.  Shantel posted a photo about an hour later on her instagram that could be taken as a response.  I haven’t see anything from Mayweather yet.  Check it all out…

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(Audio) Boxing: @AdrienBroner Drops New Single Featuring Rick Ross (@rickyrozay)! What Do You Think?!

IFWT_AB ross 2

Bawse!  Super early this morning Adrien Broner released his first single featuring Rick Ross off his debut mixtape “About Billions.”  Ironic that this dropped just shortly after Mayweather said he thinks Broner should spend less time trying to be a hip hop artist and focus more on boxing.  BUT I have seen that fans are feeling this joint!
Check it out & let us know what you think…

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Boxing: Amir Khan Goes Hard at Adrien Broner With Pics/Memes; Broner Responds!

IFWT_Khan Broner

Even though it probably won’t happen, I’d LOVE to see Adrien Broner & Amir Khan take this beef to the ring (possible on Mayweather’s undercard)!
It started yesterday with Broner saying he’s ready “to beat the fuck out of Amir Khan” & that “Khan ain’t shit.”  Khan didn’t back down — he had some fun and took those memes from Broner’s last fight and shared them on Twitter with messages of his own.  Of course, Broner then responded back.  Yea, these two definitely need to go toe-to-toe!
Check it out…

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Wants Adrien Broner To Spend Less Time Rapping


He knows what he’s talking about!! Floyd Mayweather had some words of advice for his “little brother,” former welterweight champion Adrien Broner.
Check it out…

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(VIDEO/PHOTO) Boxing: Blinding Bling!! Adrien Broner Shows Off His New Grill With CRAZY Diamonds


He coulda bought a house with what he spent — but nah, he spent it on a new grill.  Adrien Broner is still following in Mayweather’s footsteps.  He showed off a new crazy mouth piece with TONS of diamonds attached to it.  Check it out…

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(PHOTO) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Says He Will Fight Amir Khan IF …


As much as I love Floyd Mayweather I’m not sure what to think here.  Floyd had originally promised to let the fans pick his next fight and set up a poll to do so.  Well he didn’t go with the winner of that poll, so who’s to believe that he’ll keep his word on this?  Mayweather took to Twitter/Instgram early this morning to make an announcement/send Amir Khan a message.  Check it out…

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(Video) Boxing: Amir Khan Wants to Fight Adrien Broner & Gets Floyd Mayweather’s Support

IFWT_Amir Khan

Amir Khan was very upset he wasn’t chosen for Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming fight but he decided to target someone new, Floyd’s protege Adrien Broner.  Khan took to his Twitter account to call Broner out and cited that a fight against Broner would get him closer to a fight with Mayweather and surprisingly he received Floyd’s support

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(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner: ‘Since I Lost Everybody Feels Like Floyd Mayweather Lost’

IFWT_Adrien Broner on Maidana

It was a stunning event when Marcos Maidana not only defeated Adrien Broner but beat him badly.  Before the loss Broner was undefeated just like his friend and mentor Floyd Mayweather.  In fact Broner feels he’s the closest thing to Mayweather and says him losing was like Floyd himself losing.

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