Boxing: Adrien Broner Ordered To Pay $175,000 For Leaked Sex Tape


A leaked sex tape from Adrien Broner’s phone just cost the boxer $175,000 in court. Broner had made the video with two willing women but neither of them ever consented to Broner showing it to the public. The sex tape somehow made it’s way to World Star but Broner denied he was the one who uploaded it because he had lost that phone. The jury actually sided with him but still found him negligent.

(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner On Being Happy “AB Is Back And I Will Be Taking Over Boxing”


Adrien Broner feels completely removed from his dramatic suicidal threats less than two weeks ago and appears very happy, thanks in part to Floyd Mayweather. TMZ caught up with AB last night in Hollywood, where he spoke on people going through things and being up or down and getting through it and how Floyd helped him.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Already Has Adrien Broner Back In The Ring And Having Fun


Who would’ve ever thought that Floyd Mayweather was a psychologist? After Adrien Broner threatened to commit suicide earlier this week, Floyd swooped in and had him out in Vegas enjoying himself at the Lakers preseason game and cruising the strip in Floyd’s Bugatti. Floyd didn’t stopped there however. Last night he had Broner in the ring putting in real work and doing the things he needs to do to get his mind right.

(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Appears Over His Suicidal Thoughts As He Hangs Out With Floyd Mayweather


Just two days ago Adrien Broner was on Instagram posting suicidal thoughts and saying he was going to kill himself at 3pm. He even posted a picture of a handgun to show he wasn’t joking around. Some people sent their prayers and hoped friends and family would intervene, while many other people thought he was doing too much and being dramatic. Regardless of how you felt at the time, Broner may have been temporarily going through something but after posting this video of himself and Floyd Mayweather balling in the Bugatti in Las Vegas and talking about robbing the bank with no mask, it appears he is just fine.

(Photos) Boxing: Adrien Broner Posts Suicide Note & Picture of a Gun; Friends Call Police


Something has been going on with Adrien Broner for a while now.  The boxer previously said “f–k everybody” and posted he was retiring and today he posted a suicide note.

(Photo) Boxing: Adrien Broner Insinuates It Took $125K To Make Robbery & Assault Lawsuit Go Away


Earlier this month, Adrien Broner had the charges he was facing for allegedly robbing and assaulting a man outside of a bowling alley dropped after the man who accused Broner began not to cooperate. The civil suit the man had filed was also dropped and it was pretty clear a settlement had been reached. So how much is it worth to take an alleged beating at the hands of Broner? Well according to an Instagram post from earlier today, it appears $125,000 was the number to make everything go away.

Boxing: Felonious Assault & Aggravated Robbery Charges Against Adrien Broner Dropped


There’s good news for Adrien Broner, the boxer will not be prosecuted for allegedly pulling a gun on a man while violently robbing him earlier this year.

Boxing: Adrien Broner Joking About Retiring From Boxing?


Adrien Broner has been going through a lot in the past year.  In addition to being temporarily dumped by his fiancee/babymother, and falling out with his mentor Floyd Mayweather, Broner also dealt with a lot of legal trouble.  

Boxing: Adrien Broner’s Judge Says NOPE To Early Release


Poor Adrien Broner just turned 27 yesterday and had to celebrate in jail because the judge in his assault case denied him an early release. So sad.

(Photo) Boxing: Adrien Broner Arrested For Contempt Wants Fans To Write Him


Lord have mercy on this young man’s heart. Adrien Broner was due in court earlier today in Cincinnati for an alleged assault hearing where charges were expected to be dropped…but super-duper-fly Broner showed up 3 hours late. Clearly this judge is unaware of CP time.

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